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What is Evidence Replay?

Replay technology used to synthesize evidence, clarify data-driven facts and simplify case narrative.

How does it work?


Develop data-driven timeline through dynamic exhibits, synchronized using production and market data; integrate digital evidence


Discover and substantiate data-driven insights from granular changes in account positions, values, quotes, risks, etc.


Formulate expert opinion and communicate testimony using dynamic video; help fact finders uncover the truth.

Why Video for Litigation?

Engaging Visual Tool to connect, interpret and explain data-intensive evidence.

Dynamic Storyline to ‘pause’ and examine at any point.

Validate or Refute claims with a holistic view of assimilated facts.

How our Expertise Can

Unlock Case Complexity

1. Synthesize data for perspective.

2. Awaken static exhibits through motion.

3. Replay evidence using short video.

4. Interpret results based on domain expertise.

5. Testify to the facts and observations revealed.

Example Uses

Case Assessment

Damages Analysis

Account Valuation

Margin Liquidation

Derivatives Trading

Investment Schemes

Best Execution

Risk Analysis

Market Replay

Market Impact

Liquidity Analysis

Hypothetical Studies

Example Case

Margin Liquidation

Evidence Replay helped settle an arbitration claim involving complex options trading. The claimant was actively trading in a margin account when a market decline resulted in steep account losses. This triggered a margin call, followed by broker liquidation.

Evidence Replay was used to recreate the liquidation event and value the account in short intervals, while considering each trade, intermittent position values and risks. The video helped establish a sequence of random trades during the liquidation, which induced greater losses than if the respondent had prioritized the riskiest positions for close-out at the start of the liquidation.

The parties settled the matter during mediation, with the insights from Evidence Replay explained by the expert witness.

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About Us

Evidence Replay is designed by securities expert witnesses who apply data analytics and motion graphics to produce insightful videos using proprietary technology.

Each video is custom-produced for a matter based on the evidence, seeking to simplify case narrative, help experts formulate opinions and assist triers of facts.

The team works with attorneys throughout a matter as consulting and testifying experts.


Stuart Rosenthal, CFA

Expert / Founder

Stuart Rosenthal is an accomplished investments, derivatives and data analytics expert, having testified and consulted on matters involving complex portfolios, trading, derivatives, liquidations and fraud. With many years of industry experience, Stuart has worked as an options portfolio manager, trader, product development manager, entrepreneur, consultant and quantitative investment analyst.

A former military officer, Stuart led restricted projects for the U.S. Air Force involving command and control systems, advanced communications, computer wargaming and battlefield simulation.

Stuart holds an M.S. in Operations Research from Northeastern University, and a B.S. in Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and voting member of the Securities Experts Roundtable.

Robert Conner

Expert / Advisor

Robert Conner is co-founder of Thornapple Associates, an expert witness firm engaged in litigation support since 1983.

Bob has decades of experience as an expert, including 200+ testimonial occasions among 900+ cases before state, federal and foreign courts, S.E.C. administrative proceedings, U.S. regulatory hearings and both U.S. and international arbitration & mediation forums.

His areas of testimony and consultation incluce exchange-listed & OTC securities, ISDA forward contracts, commodities, foreign currency, stock, bond and financial index options and futures, in both Regular and Portfolio Margin accounts, suitability and adequacy of risk disclosure, derivatives trading and hedging strategies, IPOs and private placements, loss causation, damage theory and calculation, and other investment-related topics.

Bob holds M.B.A. and M.P.A. degrees from Harvard University, and a B.S. in History and Political Science from UC Santa Barbara. He is a voting member of the Securities Experts Roundtable.

Bob served as a Captain in the U.S. Army.

Bob Lawson

Expert / Advisor

As a FINRA and Securities Expert Witness and Certified Securities Compliance Professional (CSCP®), Robert Lawson has advanced proficiency in securities, fiduciary, and insurance compliance practices. He is the President and Chief Compliance Officer of Barrington Capital Management, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and Insurance Agency that he established in 1988. He also serves as the President and Managing Principal of Barrington Financial Consulting Group, Inc., a securities and insurance litigation support firm with 18 experienced testifying and consulting experts.

As a Securities & Insurance Expert Witness and Litigation Support Consultant, Mr. Lawson is retained by both claimants and respondents for FINRA arbitrations, mediations, and court settings. He also serves as a FINRA and NFA Arbitrator (FINRA Chair-Qualified) and a FINRA Mediator where he presides over industry and public disputes pertaining to breach of fiduciary duties, negligence, failure to supervise, misrepresentation, breach of contract, monetary damages, and employment issues.



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